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About Novi Real Estate Online Realtor Bob Jakowinicz—-Real estate agent Bob Jakowinicz is a dedicated and focused Realtor with years of experience in the industry who specializes in Novi Michigan real estate. The popular Novi real estate website – NoviRealEstateOnline.com offers visitors the rare opportunity to explore all that the region has to offer or to simply learn more about Novi Michigan. Most real estate professionals and experts would agree that one of the best ways to enjoy the highest level of success when buying or selling property in the local area is to work with a local Realtor who understands the market in great detail. A detailed and intimate understanding of the local community and of local neighborhoods is necessary to ensure that a smart and cost-effective purchase is made. When buying a single-family home, condo or villa or other type of structure in the area working with a professional can make a big difference. Especially when it comes to getting an outstanding deal on Novi real estate.

A Wealth Of Information

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 Novirealestateonline.com is an incredibly useful resource for finding virtually any kind of residential commercial property in the greater Novi Michigan area. The website is easy to navigate and offers a wealth of information on the area and on properties in general. Real estate agent Bob Jakowinicz delivers friendly and personalized service so that clients can buy or sell confidently. From Royal Crown Estates to Chase Farms and Barclay Estates as well as Autumn Park and Dunbarton Pines, finding the perfect and ideal piece of property or even selling a property in the most profitable way has never been easier. This is what clients have come to expect from this seasoned and experienced Realtor. The pride of home ownership has never been more evident and more possible than it is today. Other neighborhoods that are often searched when buying include Beckenham and Cheltenham Estates and a number of other popular and inviting communities.

Exploring The Beauty And Uniqueness Of Novi Michigan

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Novi Michigan Twelve Oaks Sign

Perhaps most notable of all when it comes to visiting or living in Novi Michigan is the genuine friendly atmosphere. Locals  and visitors alike enjoy the area because of its overall friendly appeal and quality of life. Conveniently situated in Oakland County Michigan, much of Novi is a bedroom community (with great shopping) or suburb of Arbor Michigan and Detroit proper. With easy access to both Arbor and Detroit, the area offers the benefit of having access to both cities. With easy interstate access it is just a short drive to either city to enjoy all the amenities that these areas have to share. With approximately more than 50,000 full-time residents, the area continues to grow and expand as more people discover this peaceful, inviting and friendly community. Featuring outstanding schools, plenty of shopping and wonderful dining, Novi has much to offer. The list goes on with excellent healthcare options as well as a multitude of outdoor recreation and municipal parks.

When You Are Downtown All Your Worries Will Fade Away

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Novi MI Town Center

Downtown Novi is particularly unique and worth noting in that it has evolved and grown in the last decade to become a thriving downtown center with much to offer. A generous variety of delicious restaurants, unique shops, bars and delis are all widely available throughout the downtown area. Nightlife in the downtown district is another aspect of the area that attracts young upwardly mobile individuals. From Irish pubs to Italian restaurants and comedy shops as well as a number of barbecue eateries, the area is rich and abundant with fun and pleasurable experiences for all to enjoy. Another popular attraction that should not be missed when visiting Novi Michigan is the island Lake recreation area. This area is known to be one of the nations safest and best managed shooting ranges. The park features volleyball courts, excellent canoeing opportunities, picnic shelters and even cabins that can be rented by those wishing to enjoy this park to the fullest.

Excellent Buying Opportunities

All this and more is perhaps why so many people are choosing to relocate to Novi Michigan. Novi Michigan’s real estate offers excellent buying opportunities for interested parties. Considered one of the best times in history to purchase a piece of real estate, today is indeed a great time to delve into the Michigan real estate market. Learning more about Novi Michigan can be as simple as spending a few days in the area exploring and discovering. With so much to see and do and so many friendly locals, it is often an experience that ultimately leads to the desire to purchase a piece of real estate. Real estate agent Bob Jakowinicz has a genuine appreciation for the area and understands the local real estate market so that those visiting from out of town have the benefit of a better buying experience. Buying or selling a home in Novi has never been easier thanks to the expertise, experience and dedication of Bob Jakowinicz. The Novirealestateonline.com website is a popular resource for those who live out of state or even out of the country and who wish to learn more about the area.

Families Particularly Enjoy The Area

Featuring some of the region’s best schools families particularly get excited about the area and are increasingly choosing to call Novi Michigan home. Bob Jakowinicz is a true advocate of both buyers and sellers in the Novi real estate market. Careful and detailed analysis and exhaustive comparisons help sellers price a property at a competitive and favorable price point. Buyers also enjoy excellent results by working with a Realtor who considers all variables to ensure that the right price is paid for a particular property. Working in and throughout the Novi region of Michigan on a daily basis, Bob is able to assist clients in achieving their real estate goals and objectives in a clear and concise way. Cutting through the confusion and finding the perfect property can be as easy as working with the right Realtor. Professionalism, integrity, advocacy and transparency are some of the key characteristics that clients can expect when working with Realtor Bob Jakowinicz. Those interested in becoming a part of the Novi Michigan community can call or visit online at Novirealestateonline.com.

About Bob and Teena Jakowinicz

We live and work right on the border of four of our local cities (four corners). With our location being so close to 8 Mile and Haggerty we are right on the border of Novi, Northville, Livonia and

Novi Michigan Real Estate Agent Bob Jakowinicz

Novi Michigan Real Estate Agent Bob Jakowinicz

Farmington Hills to easily serve these communities. We got our start almost 20 years ago in the rehabbing and new construction arena of real estate. Over time it was advantageous for Teena to go and get her real estate license to handle all of our real estate projects.

Over the past 20 years we have attended countless little league games and high school sporting events throughout our local cities. We have raised our children in the area who were all pretty heavily involved in one sport/event or the other. Our hobbies now that our children are getting older have shifted a bit: we like to see our local sites as it is truly amazing how much our area has to offer.  We are avid kayakers, boaters, hikers along with visiting our local restaurants.

If you or anyone you know is looking to move to Novi or a surrounding area please feel free to have them contact us anytime at BobandTeena@Yahoo.com or Call/Text 734-578-6561. Thank You www.BobandTeena.com www.RealEstateBusyBees.com www.NoviRealEstateOnline.com www.LivoniaRealEstateOnline.com