Buy Novi Michigan Home

Buy Novi Michigan Home

Your ready to learn about Home Buying in Novi Michigan — Time to Buy Novi Michigan Home, house or real estate for Autumn Park Novi MIsale. When you set out to purchase your dream home it is a good plan to have an idea of what is to come. We offer a free home buyer consultation which will cover all of the latest real estate information you will need to know. We have done this many times now over the past 4 years and everyone has said it has helped tremendously. This consultation in no way is any type of obligation for you to select us as your real estate agents or for us to guarantee we can assist you in your home buying efforts.

Home Buying Consultation

During the home buying consultation we will cover: * The home search and how it works, is updated, how we show homes, make apts, etc. * The city requirements you may need to know city inspections, current tax rate vs after you own tax rate, signing kids up for school, etc. * The home buying process including the purchase agreement, title insurance, home inspections, appraisals, warranties and more. * Make sure you understand how the home is transferred from the current homeowners name to yours. * Take all of the information and tie it all together to show you how it will come into play for you.

The process will look something like this:

First: Find your Novi Michigan Real Estate Agent

Novi Michigan Real Estate AgentsMuch of the process of Novi buying your home will involve your Real Estate Agent in one way or another. We will be with you and assist with everything from finding a good lender, home inspection company, great local title company, quality contractors, assist with negotiating, getting all agreements filled in properly, assisting with city certifications, searching and helping you find your home, researching what a fair price would be for you to offer and so much more. Your agent should be with you from start to finish to assist with everything that may come up during the transaction. Email us @

Second: Figure out what your budget is

Much of this will depend on your interest rate, income, credit rating, monthly expenses and down payment. Many great websites and computer programs are great for this. It is a good idea to visit a local Novi lender for more accurate information. You may not want to start looking at homes out of your budget range.

Third: Learn as much as you can

We advise learning as much as you possibly can and have time for. We can give you multiple names of quality companies to talk to speak with if needed. Driving neighborhoods your considering buying in, look at the local Novi schools both on our site and in person. Sit down and tell us your situation so we can point you in the right direction that is suited for your individual needs. This is where the initial consultation for what you will encounter in the Novi home search comes in so valuable.

Fourth: Time to House Hunt with Your Realtor-Buy Novi Michigan Home

At this time you have chosen your local Novi real estate agent and are aware of where you want to start looking. After just a bit of looking around we have found the right home for you and your family. Let’s come up with the best plan and leap into action to make sure we get this home. Again we have covered this a bit during our initial consultion so we are ready to go. Let’s make an offer.

Next Up: Make an offer to buy Novi Michigan Home

From this point it can still take 4-6 weeks to get you in your new house. We submitted the offer and after a little work on all each parties end we have an agreement. Now it is time to set up your inspection, usually within 7 days of accepted purchase agreement. Next we turn in all paperwork to the lender (if applicable)–your loan officer will be calling you for any additional paperwork they may need. Now the lender will also be sending out a bank appraiser to give their opinion of value for your Novi Michigan home purchase. All the while during this time we have started the title search with a local title company, double checked any municipal issues, looking into obtaining home insurance, when you will obtain occupancy of the home, are there any repairs needed along with any other issues that may come up.

Last Step: The processing then closing portion of home buying

This the time you sign all the paperwork to make this house your home. It has been about 4 weeks since we have made our offer on this house. We usually do the final walk-through on the way to closing to make sure the home is in the same condition as it was when you fell in love with it. The closing will usually take about an hour and will be at one of two places the listing agent’s office, or the title company. Once all of this is complete we sit down at the closing, exchange money, sign paperwork and your a Novi Michigan Homeowner

Your Home Buying Representation

After years of assisting home buyers and sellers we have found your representation to be especially important. Is your representative an active full time agent? What type of reputation do they have in their industry? Are they to busy for you or have a nice balance and can give you the time you deserve? We would advise you to do your homework and pick a good representative that is a good fit for you and your needs.

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