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Novi MI RealtorSell Novi Michigan Homes and Real Estate

When the time comes to sell your Novi Michigan home or real estate you most likely will want good advice and direction right from the start. We have found over the years that when you start things off correctly you will get the best real estate buying traffic available at the time. What is important is that you understand your current real estate market, bring in people who are working with you who are familiar with what you are trying to accomplish and fully know how much to price the home for the financing going on at this time. After years of being involved in real estate sales we have found that a solid strategic plan is always better than just trying to wing it. So please take some time to select the best real estate representative that will suit your needs. This will start as the basis for all you will have to come. SELLER RESOURCE WEB-PAGE CLICK HERE–Sell Novi Michigan Homes and Real Estate

Things to look for when your going to sell your Novi Michigan Home

Prepare home for sale: De-clutter, clean, neutral decor, great smells, make necessary repairs or updates, price home correctly, stage the home are all things you should be discussing with your real estate specialist BEFORE your home goes on the market. Be Prepared right from the start. Get Exposure: It is very important to realize the whole point of getting your home on the open market with a real estate agent is to gain maximum exposure. How else do you know if the potential home buyers that are looking in your area even know it is for sale? It seems to work much better when many potential home buyers know your home is for sale vs very few. You could be the best negotiator in the world but can only work with what offer you have in your hand. So for getting started with the sale of any home in Novi Michigan–get exposure. Remember by now you have a trusted real estate adviser and just need the right offer for your home. QUESTION TO ASK— Is the money spent on advertising helping the clients or just a way for the company to get more business? Negotiating. In order to be a truly good negotiator you need to know all about the product, details of how things work and the true value of your product. Let’s just offer low and then split the difference type of negotiating just doesn’t cut it when you are working with people on the other side who know what they are doing. If you knowingly priced your home to high just to come down then so be it (it can work in that case)–this tactic can have negative side effects so be careful. Know (statistically) what some home buyer in the area is going to pay before you even put your home up for sale. Know that if your accurate in your number you will get good activity (as long as you do the above–get exposure) and a very strong offer will follow soon. Managing the transaction: What will come after the accepted offer is private inspection, lender or personal home value appraisal, possible municipal inspection and lender inspection, title work and a bit of processing. It is important to realize the condition of your home before going into this phase. No I you don’t necessarily have to hire an inspector before hand but realize if your roof, furnace, a/c or some other bigger ticket item is older it may cause an issue. This is easily recognized up front so should not catch the home seller off guard. Remember since the big real estate downturn the trend has been to PROVE YOUR PRICE by showing the appraiser just how come your house is worth what you are asking. Think of the process a bit more logical or engineer like, they want proof that can be shown to them. A good local real estate expert with carry some weight in this department and help ensure a smooth process all the way to the closing.

Technology and the Novi Home Selling Process

Realcomp MLS Search Screen

Realcomp MLS Search Screen

As you can imagine technology is playing a huge role in our local Novi home sales. Right from the start of a potential home buyer finding a real estate agent then moving on to the home search and soon. Technology seems to be picking up speed and moving faster and faster these days. Now you will also find people doing much of their real estate transaction right from their phone. Be prepared to sign documents electronically, receive feedback electronically, listen to computers tell us about homes and so much more. With this said we have to remember we are still people and that you will ultimately sell your Novi home by getting someone inside of it and liking/loving it once they are in the home. If you are looking to buy or sell in the Novi Michigan area please feel free to contact us at or call/text at 734-578-6561.        

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