Novi Michigan Divorce Real Estate

Novi Michigan Divorce Real Estate

Selecting an impartial, knowledgeable, experienced and trusted real estate professional is a very important step when in a Novi MI Realtor Bob Jakowinicz  2015divorce situation. Couples going through a divorce need sound real estate advice right from the start. This may not be the time to just go out and select a close friend to handle the situation. We will help with every aspect of the transaction in which a real estate professional is supposed to handle. We will keep all parties informed and work to obtain the best results so selling what may be one of the biggest assets you have will not be an additional stress on anyone. If you or anyone you know in the Novi Michigan area is going through or may be going through a divorce, please feel free to pass our information along. Our direct email and number are or 734-578-6561. Please be careful to make sure to go to the appropriate professional for your question or concern. Lawyer for legal, tax professional for tax information, etc, etc.

Experienced Divorce Specialist Real Estate Agents in Novi Michigan

Novi Real Estate Agent VeteranWe have been sold many homes in this situation and have also taken extensive additional training on selling real estate in a divorce situation. Over the years a few issues we have noticed that come up more often are: time constraints, title issues, tax consequences, legal consequences, judgments on forcing a move, high level of emotion, accessibility issues the the high level need for CONFIDENTIALITY. Many times when it comes time to selling a home there are a few different professionals involved: attorney’s, tax advisers/accountants, title companies and counselors. We encourage our clients to give our contact information to everyone involved so if we can help in any way possible we will do so.

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We understand that in many cases this can be one of the most stressful times in your life and additional support and help may be needed. We will assist in making sure the home is ready for the sale. We will make the home show to it’s fullest potential, keep everyone informed and everyone’s best interest at heart. We are professionals who empathize with your situation and work very hard to make it go the best possible. We offer some of the best internet/web presence in the area:,, and We also have a strong Facebook presence, two strong web-blog platforms (use many two just stand out as strong) and much more. We will get the job done in a manor that will completely exceed your expectations.  

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