How to Choose the Right Novi Michigan Neighborhood

September 28, 2015

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How to Choose the Right Novi Michigan Neighborhood

Location, location, location — goes the saying about what’s important in real estate.
Most home buyers start by looking for a suitable area. The following tips will help you find a neighborhood that feels like Bradford Entrance Novi Michiganhome.  Don’t forget to do a little web research (, driving area’s and asking around.

Set priorities about things that matter most to you and your family:
• Is safety a prime concern?
• Are you looking for vibrant nightlife?
• Do you need to live close to work?

The best purchase is usually a trade-off among several desirable elements.  Call us for  a free Novi Michigan home buyer consultation, you will be glad you did.  Call direct at 734-578-6561 or email us at 

These factors will help to illuminate a neighborhood’s style:
• Are there good local schools? Whether or not you have children, good schools increase property values.
• Is the area close to services such as hospitals, public transportation, shopping, parks, and recreational and cultural sites?
• How safe is it? Check with local police, and look in the newspaper for crime-watch statistics.
• Are people outside their homes, working in their yards or walking their dogs? Neighbors who interact with one another create a safer and more pleasant environment.
• Is the area popular? Ask your Realtor, and check the number of “for sale” and “sold” signs.
• What is the neighborhood’s price range? Have average property values gone up, gone down or stayed the same? Areas about to become trendy are often found on the fringes of highly desirable locations.
Is there vacant space nearby? What kind of development is planned for it?
Real estate agents are a valuable source of inside information about how to distinguish two neighborhoods that seem alike. Contact me for the latest information about neighborhoods.