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September 22, 2015



Novi MI Veteran Owned Business

Novi MI Veteran Owned Business

This webpage is designed to help give you some great tips on the topic Sell Novi Michigan Home. Some items to discuss in selling your Novi home will include:  where to start, things to look for in your real estate agent, prep your Novi home and what to expect during the process. Feel free to browse around this website and send over any questions or concerns you may have to BOBANDTEENA@YAHOO.COM. The real estate market is always changing and with modern technology seems to be picking up speed on just how fast. For example: we went into the real estate recession overnight (at least felt like it to me as an active real estate agent who solely does this for a living) and then started to come out of it just as fast. All the while we as real estate professionals heard many varying opinions on how long the recession would last and then how long it would take to come out of it. What many of us who do this for a living have learned over the years is this: the news reports things that typically have already happened or what some think may be coming. We as Novi Real Estate Agents live this well ahead of when its reported to the general public (in many cases).


Let’s face it everyone has a few ways they share in common when they start the Sell there home journey. We will see someone who will start to reach out to people they know and look for local Novi real estate agents that people they know have used. We will also see many people who will start to search the internet for local Novi real estate agents. Most times these two things go hand in hand, internet/web search and looking for word of mouth. The next most common way is by someone hearing, seeing advertisements and signs around so they simply just call as the person is comfortable with them as they have seen there ads so much.

Mall Real Estate Kiosk

Mall Real Estate Kiosk

In my opinion the best place to start if your using a local Novi real estate agent is the web/internet search and use word of mouth. The key here is to get a local real estate professional who is close by. In many cases it is a good idea to speak with 2-3 local Novi area real estate agents and see which one connects with what your looking for the best. They will guide you on how to prepare your home for sale, manage the process along with helping you every step of the way with things that come up. Feel free to browse our network websites for more information at and anytime. De-clutter— We don’t want to give the impression your home is to small, take away the attention from the home or that the home was not cared for. Depersonalize— We want to make sure the focus stays on the home and the Novi home viewers feel they may be in their new home not your current home. Clean— Of course this seems like common sense but is a huge important part of making the home viewers feel the home is loved and well maintained. Make minor repairs–This can be more important than many think. We don’t want such things as a running toilet, leaky faucet, etc get in the way of the home viewing. Be Prepared for the activity that it to come- we don’t want to turn down home viewings if we can help so a little early planning can go a long way to make your Novi home selling experience go smooth from start to finish.


This one in my opinion is pretty easy. Look for a local Novi real estate agent who has experience is selling homes, is within 15 minutes or so of the home, has a strong presence somewhere (internet/web, newspapers, magazines, mailings, etc) and you can work well with over time. The most important part of this is making the agent show you what they do and how it works in your benefit. You may not want to feel sold during this process so take a little time and speak with a few (2-3) different local full time Novi real estate agents. This is a main point of contact for your entire transaction so make sure you feel good about it. Your real estate agent will be coordinating with you the seller, the purchasers, title companies, lender, appraiser, inspection process and anything else that comes up. Make sure they are available to handle this.


Now that you have done a little homework and feel good about some of your selections it is time to prepare for what to expect. Expectations are a big part of the Sell Novi Michigan Home process. With just a few minutes of covering this can make you feel cut in with whats happening and why. Believe it or not expectations are one of the area’s where things can turn sour real fast. It is important to know what the current real estate market is, what your agent will be doing, what is expected of you and how it all ties together. We are local Novi Michigan Real Estate Agents and would love the opportunity to assist you with Sell Novi Michigan Home now or anytime in the future. Our direct line is 734-578-6561.